About Sunbelt Telecommunications Services, Inc

Sunbelt is a privately owned Florida corporation founded in 1986.  Our objective is to supply superior supervisory, engineering and technical personnel to the telecommunciations and construction industries at competitive prices.  Sunbelt, over the years, has had a complement of over 270 permanent personnel, and has access to over 6,000 qualified and licensed personnel in many skill areas both Nationally and Internationally.

The Sunbelt Mangement Team:

With over 120 years combined experience in the industry was founded with the philosophy "That Successful business grows from superior service."  Due to our extensive involvement in the constrution of fiber optic cable systems, we have become well-known Nationally.  Our work includes major customers, and leading telephone operating companies.  This has enabled Sunbelt personnel to work with railroad companies, Federal, State, and local government authorities.

Sunbelt Personnel:

Our service personnel can provide a broad range of services.  These services include project management, systems planning & engineering, installation, and maintenance of inside or outside plant networks.  We are also able to design and install large and small telephone, telecommunications, CATV, and utility systems.

The Sunbelt Services:

  • Complete systems and installation specifications for the construction of utility and telecommunications underground conduit and manhole systems, buried and aerial cable.

  • Splicing and tesing of copper, fiber optic, and coaxial cable systems.

  • Installation and phsycial construction of digital and analog telecommunication facilities, including local area networks (LANs), equipment installations, in-house cabling, and microwave radio terminals and/or relays

  • Right-of-way and inspection services

  • Utility locating and One Call Service